Eagle-i Edge™ , an AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP) solution, is a robust area and perimeter intrusion detection application designed for protecting corporate facilities, remote assets, and critical infrastrucure.

The application is ideal for sites requiring more comprehensive and effective area and perimeter surveillance capability than simple trip wire, motion, or loitering detection analytics applications. Here's why:

Effective outdoor surveillance and virtual fencing often requires more capability than simply detecting a boundary breach via a tripwire. Knowledge of the breach is only a small part of the security equation - effective virtual fencing often requires broad situational awareness, with highly-accurate, reliable detection over all ranges and operating conditions, and ability to accurately acquire, track, and assess the threat. Additionally, simple motion presence and absence technology can be unreliable in outdoor operating conditions, particularly at longer ranges.

Eagle-i Edge™ transforms passive, human-monitored AXIS ACAP-enabled camera networks into highly-accurate, wide-area and long-range sensing networks, with accurate detection, tracking, and real-time notification capabilities in all operating conditions.

This joint solution from Jemez Technology and AXIS Communications provides reliable and highly-accurate detection capability, even in low-light and challenging environmental conditions.

As an AXIS ACAP solution, Eagle-i Edge™ offers:

- Highly-accurate detection over long-ranges

- Continuous wide-area situational awareness

- Optional automated camera-to-camera PTZ tracking

- Simultaneous detection and tracking of mulitple intruders for rapid assessment

- Easy deployment

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