Advanced Edge-Based Perimeter Surveillance Control System Debuting for Axis Communications Cameras

Thu, 10/01/2015

Jemez Technology’s Industry-First Camera-to-Camera Surveillance System in Axis Communications Booth 14059, April 15-17

April 09, 2015 01:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time

LOS ALAMOS, N.M.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Eagle-i Edge™ Perimeter Surveillance Control System is the first embedded camera-to-camera software application built upon the AXIS Camera Application Platform to deliver highly-accurate wide-area, long-range perimeter surveillance capability for critical asset and infrastructure protection. The Eagle-i Edge™ system is exclusively designed and optimized for Axis’ latest ARTPEC-4/5 camera hardware and software, enabling state-of-the-art performance and ease of integration with existing security infrastructure, while lowering operational costs and network bandwidth requirements. The Eagle-i Edge™ application was developed by Jemez Technology (, a leading supplier of military-grade video surveillance software. The application will be introduced April 15-17, 2015, in Las Vegas, Nevada at the International Security Conference and Exhibition (ISC West) in Booth 14059.

“An edge-based solution like this allows an end user to get the most of their camera and optimize their system to fit their specific need—while getting additional benefits like server, storage and bandwidth reduction.”

Integrated with advanced Axis cameras, the Eagle-i Edge™ Perimeter Control System provides real-time, automated Detect-Track-Notify capability with continuous wide-area situational awareness, and features:

  • Highly accurate detection over extended operating ranges
  • Automated camera-to-camera Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) tracking
  • Real-time notification to first responders via mobile devices

Brian Tuskan, Sr., Director of Technology & Investigations at Microsoft Global Security, noted, “We have successfully deployed Jemez’ technology with Axis cameras at our Redmond, Washington and Hyderabad, India campuses. Eagle-i Edge™ strengthens security operations and is a cost-effective, game changing solution for critical perimeter security.”

Ideal for airports, power substations, petrochemical and industrial assets, corporate campuses as well as government facilities, the advanced Eagle-i Edge™ solution helps proactively detect—rather than simply record—security threats. This solution effectively accelerates the detect-and-response capability of security teams, reducing personnel risk, property losses and business disruption.

“The Jemez Technology Eagle-i Edge™ solution provides a powerful and highly-differentiated perimeter surveillance offering for customers that until now has not been possible as an embedded edge-based camera application,” said Anthony Incorvati, Business Development Manager for Transportation and Critical Infrastructure, Axis Communications, Inc. “An edge-based solution like this allows an end user to get the most of their camera and optimize their system to fit their specific need—while getting additional benefits like server, storage and bandwidth reduction.”

About Jemez Technology

Jemez Technology provides state-of-the-art video surveillance technology delivering dramatically enhanced perimeter and area surveillance for critical asset and infrastructure protection. The company was founded by former scientists from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, bringing decades of national security experience to its products and services. More information is available at

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Innosphere to Co-Host the Emerging Technologies Session at the 26th Annual Rocky Mountain Summit

Tue, 07/14/2015


July 22, 2014 - Innosphere announces that it is partnering with Consulate General of Canada in Denver to host the Emerging Technologies session at the Colorado Oil and Gas Association's (COGA), 26th Annual Rocky Mountain Energy Summit in Denver on August 7, 2014. This session will showcase technology startups from Colorado and Canada that are commercializing solutions for the upstream and midstream oil and gas markets. During the session, these ten startups will engage in an interactive dialogue with a panel of investors, corporations, and key industry stakeholders.
"Innosphere is pleased to partner with the Consulate General of Canada in Denver and COGA to host the interactive session on Emerging Technologies," said Rob Writz, Innosphere's Director of Clean Technology. "The oil patch faces numerous challenges that innovative startups from the Rocky Mountain West can solve including environmental resource constraints, remote locations, data acquisition and analytics, and telecommunications."
Innosphere continues to expand its incubation program at the intersections of technology and business model innovation with the oil and gas industry. Four Innosphere companies will be presenting their businesses and technologies to the COGA audience and the panel of investors and corporations. The four Innosphere companies include Avivid Water Technology, EcoVapor Recovery Systems, Jemez Technology, and OptiEnz Sensors.
The COGA Rocky Mountain Energy Summit's Emerging Technologies session is at 1 PM on August 7, 2014 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO. Registration for the Rocky Mountain Energy Summit is open until July 24th. More information and registration is available at
About Innosphere   
Innosphere is a 501c3 non-profit corporation formed to accelerate the success of high-impact scientific and technology startups and promote the development of a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem in Colorado. Innosphere is located in Fort Collins, NREL in Golden, and INDUSTRY Denver. In 2013, Innosphere startups raised $35 million in risk capital and created 300 high wage jobs in Colorado. 
About Avivid Water Technology
Avivid Water Technology's patented continuous self-cleaning reactor design provides virtually 100% uptime in removing contaminants from fracking flow-back water and produced oil water. This unique pumping configuration reduces power consumption and the water flow design increases plate exposure time enabling removal of a greater level of contaminants for a given volume of water. Avivid's technology delivers fresh, non-oxidized electrode surfaces, so the power demands of the system are lower than those of traditional electrocoagulation systems, making it cost effective for many applications. 
About EcoVapor Recovery Systems
EcoVapor Recovery Systems  provides an innovative, reliable solution to economically capturing fugitive gas emissions off of oil tanks in lieu of incineration or venting. Untapped, these vapors represent both a financial loss and an increasingly regulated environmental concern. ERS's patents-pending designs bring never-before-seen levels of environmental stewardship and wellsite safety to the oil and gas industry, while simultaneously delivering even better economic returns by allowing operators to capture and utilize all by-products of production. 
About Jemez Technology
Jemez Technology provides advanced image processing technology delivering dramatically enhanced perimeter and area surveillance for critical infrastructure protection for E&P assets, pipelines, and storage facilities. The company was founded by former scientists with the Los Alamos National Laboratory, bringing decades of national security experience to its products and services. The company's flagship product, Eagle-i Intelligent VIR, is the industry's most advanced video surveillance solution for threat detection, analysis, tracking, and first-responder notification.
About OptiEnz Sensors
Through applied biotechnology innovation, OptiEnz Sensors is revolutionizing the measurement and monitoring capabilities for organic chemicals. From fracking fluids to degreasers, pesticides to herbicides, or lactose to ethanol OptiEnz is delivering the ability to measure halogenated analytes, hydrocarbons and organophosphates continuously, in real-time, in-place and at concentration; whether in groundwater, at a produced water treatment facility, on the food or beverage production line or at the biofuel plant. 

In a hand-held size package with replaceable tips, the OptiEnz sensor system, utilizing bioengineered enzymes and fiber optic technology, delivers an entirely new range of real-time measurement profiles from individual ad-hoc sampling to continuous, real-time, in-place monitoring; in most cases at concentration accuracy equivalent to gas chromatography.
For more information contact Rob Writz, Innosphere Director of Clean Technology Programs, at

Leading Global Security Consulting Firm to Provide Advanced Video Surveillance Solutions

Mon, 11/21/2011

SecureSource International and Jemez Technology Enter Strategic Marketing Agreement

Physical Security and Network Innovators Showcase Better End-to-End Security

Mon, 11/21/2011

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